our story

Much like our ingredients, the story behind Naked Turtle is really quite simple. It all begins with Dr. Michael Gutierrez, a loving dad, long-time resident of the Sunshine State and prominent Florida dermatologist with over thirty years of experience.

Inspired to protect the people and places he loves, Dr. Gutierrez set out to create a good-for-you suncare solution that would heal, nourish and defend in the best way possible. That meant swapping out the chemicals & toxins found in traditional formulas for vitamin-rich plants and minerals that are naturally good for your skin.

Soon it was clear; the plant powered goodness Dr. Gutierrez had created for his family, clients, and coastline was simply too good to keep to ourselves. So we gave it a name– Naked Turtle.

Reef-safe, family-safe and dermatologist developed, Naked Turtle is about getting out and enjoying life’s little adventures with no worries, no footprint and no compromise. We hope you love it as much as we do!


naked philosophy 

We believe in products that do good for everyone—the ten-month old with the soft, chubby cheeks, the two-session-a-day surf rat, even the reefs and fish that make up the underwater playground you came for.

It’s why we rely on naturally-sourced, vitamin-rich ingredients. No chemical sunscreen and no toxins; just the rich, healing power of everyday plants and minerals.

Developed by Dr. Michael Gutierrez, a prominent Florida dermatologist, our formulas feature wholesome, feel-good ingredients because like you, we want what’s best for the people and places we love. For the big adventures or everyday moments, we promise an honest ingredient list that will get the job done in a way that’s safe for you and yours.

It’s all a part of our naked philosophy. Botanical, biodegradable ingredients, locally made products and cruelty-free testing mean we’ve got nothing to hide. With us, what you see is what you get, in all of our natural, nude-y goodness.

  • Made from mineral & botanical ingredients  

  • Reef-safe

  • Non-toxic

  • Hypoallergenic